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Investing as an Expat or US Connected Person

Americans investing while living abroad doesn’t have to be complicated

usflagBusiness 360.Pro has the understanding needed to navigate you through the particulars of investing for US-connected persons living abroad. Regardless of how long you plan to live outside the U.S., we can generate a cross-border investment plan that can move with you anywhere you may go.

The following people are considered US connected persons:

  • Green Cardholders
  • Other visa holders living in the US. Although this can get complicated. H1B visa holders, for example, are only sometimes considered US-connected persons.
  • US taxpayers
  • You were born outside the US but have one US parent
  • You were born in the US, even if you left as a child 

The passport you hold is irrelevant if you were born in the US.


US citizens are taxed on their worldwide income and gains. This creates challenges for Americans when developing an investment plan. We can help you:

  • Create a portfolio to achieve your objectives with an array of investment options
  • Invest in a tax-efficient method that ensures compliance with the tax laws of multiple authorities
  • Manage currency risk to meet financial liabilities for the future

Our Relationship is Adaptable

A sound investment plan takes into account all your assets. Whether assets are located in the US or abroad, we manage your assets across multiple account structures. Your portfolio is designed to be fully portable, in case you move.

Multi-Currency Tax Reporting

Accurate tax reports are generated in both Pounds Sterling and Dollars for all US connected clients, and sent to their tax advisors in a timely manner.

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